ABC MotorCredit Reward Points

Simple! Buy your vehicle at ABC MotorCredit! Once your loan for financing your Sport Utility Vehicle, truck, van, or car from any one of our 4 used car dealership locations is approved, you can then sign up for our Just For Me Rewards Program ~ for free! Just got your vehicle today? Great! Sign up and start getting rewards points automatically.

How to earn points.

There are 9 different ways for you to earn points.

  • Earn 10000 points automatically (*valued at $100) for trading in your old vehicle when you purchase your new vehicle. If you don’t currently have a vehicle to trade in, no problem! But if you do, ABC MotorCredit will award you $100 for simply “the act of” trading in your vehicle! (Of course, you’ll still get the market value of your trade-in vehicle that you can use as a down payment; we just want to say “thank you” with 10000 points for opting to trade in your vehicle with us!)
  • Earn 10000 points automatically (*valued at $100) just for simply “the act of” purchasing your vehicle at ABC MotorCredit and for signing up for the Rewards Program!
  • Earn 600 points automatically (*valued at $60) for completing 4 online reviews forms and emailing them to us! (Earn 150 points per review; 4 reviews maximum).
  • Earn 500 points automatically (*valued at $50) just for simply “the act of” signing up for AutoPay to have your weekly (or monthly) car payments automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account or a credit or debit card. Account.
  • Earn 500 points automatically (*valued at $50) for referring someone who applies for credit looking to purchase a vehicle at one of our four buy here, pay here dealership locations in Ohio! Refer 15 different people who purchase and finance a vehicle with DBS Financial and your vehicle will be considered "paid in full". We will hand you the title no matter what the balance is!
  • Earn 500 points automatically (*valued at $50) if the friend you referred finances his/her vehicles through our DBS Financial program.
  • Earn 500 points automatically (*valued at $50) if your referral decides to pay for their vehicle outright and not finance it.
  • Earn 100 points automatically (*valued at $10) for completing a survey about your car-buying experience at ABC MotorCredit!
  • Earn 10% in points of each on-time payment you make. So, if your payment is $100, you’ll earn 1000 points!

How to use your points.

Within just a few years of being in business, ABC MotorCredit noticed a pattern with their happy clients ~ nearly every customer was returning to purchase their second, or next, vehicle with us as well. As a result, this Rewards Program was designed so that we could further help our customers by giving them more buying power toward the purchase of their second vehicle. Now after being in business over 20 years, customers are not only improving their credit scores, getting in reliable vehicles, and earning tons of points, but also upgrading to newer and/or bigger vehicles with the help of using their thousands of points earned.

*toward your next vehicle purchase/finance


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Terms and Conditions
ABC Motor Credit

ABC MotorCredit wants to reward you for being an outstanding customer. With ABC Just for Me Rewards you will earn points with ABC MotorCredit for making payments and staying engaged with our dealership. Points you earn can be redeemed as real cash off your next vehicle from ABC MotorCredit! See a complete list of Rules and Regulations.